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Black Nazar Protection Bracelet / Anklet

Black Nazar Protection Bracelet / Anklet

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Our Nazar Evil Eye Protection String is made from 100% Cotton Tubular Cord approx 35cm in length.

There's no risk of the dye colour running, as it is 100% colourfast!

Can be cut to length accordingly, and tied on both adults and children alike.
* Please note - care and supervision must be taken when tying on younger children *

Ideal to be tied and worn around the wrist or as an anklet

The Evil Eye is a very common phenomenon believed by many religions. It is believed that if someone has the urge to harm or has feelings of jealousy, you may receive those negative feelings and vibrations. The negative vibrations can be so strong that they can actually affect your day to day life.

Wearing a black string around your wrist / ankle is said to ward off the evil and eye and the ill effects of black magic and bring good luck to the wearer.


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